Recent and relevant team publications

Special Issues
Decision Support Systems for Urban Logistics Planning: Multi-Stakeholder and Participative Approaches – A special issue of Sustainability (ISSN 2071-1050).
This special issue belongs to the section “Sustainable Transportation”.

García-Gallego, J.M., Kang, T., Rubio Lacoba, S., Genovese, A. (2019) Lorry Park Selection Criteria and Drivers’ Preferences: A Study from the UKSustainability, 11(19), 5214

Crimi, A., Jones, T., Sgalambro, A. (2019) Designing a Web Spatial Decision Support System Based on Analytic Network Process to Locate a Freight Lorry Parking Sustainability, 11(20), 5629

Rubio, S.,  Jiménez-Parra, B., Chamorro-Mera, A., Miranda, F.J. (2019) Reverse Logistics and Urban Logistics: Making a LinkSustainability, 11(20), 5684


Journal Papers

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Book Chapters

Diglio, A., Genovese, A., Piccolo, C. (2017), An optimization model for the outbound truck scheduling problem at cross-docking platforms. Optimisation and Decision Science 2017 Conference, Sorrento, Italy, 4th-7th September 2017. Published in Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics, 217, 601-610.


Conference Papers

Luo, S., Genovese, A., Sgalambro, A., Ciardiello, F. (2019) A Multi-Stakeholder Model for Fair and Efficient Cost Allocation in Urban Consolidation CentresProlog 2019, Metz, France, 19th-21st June 2019.

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