This project is predominantly focused on the identification and sharing of best practices for freight transport in urban contexts amongst a wide variety of stakeholders (both public and private sector). Further to this, the identified best practices, participatory approaches for stakeholders’ engagement, and models and method for performing decision-making activities will be translated into a set of practical decision support tools aimed at helping local authorities and public bodies to identify, define and implement appropriate policy options for urban freight transport.
Within this context, knowledge transfer between the participating stakeholders will play a pivotal role in the success of the project that will result from secondments and networking events between the project partners.
The overall research objectives of ProSFeT will be the following ones are:

  • Perform a review of urban freight transport in Europe and highlight best practices and share across network of public bodies;
  • Promote throughout the network utilisation of stakeholders engagement methods in urban freight transport policy formulation and strategic decision making in Europe – WP1;
  • Promoting use of decision support tools for use in freight transport by public authorities in Europe.