The Institute of Applied Mathematics (IAC – Mauro Picone) of CNR was founded in 1927, and since 2002 it has locations in Rome, Bari, Florence and Naples with about 50 researchers. Its specific mission is the development of advanced multidisciplinary mathematical, statistical and computational methods for solving problems with strong relevance to society and industry. Applications take place in many fields such as engineering, medical sciences and biology, environment, transportation, finance and economics, cultural heritage, manufacturing, computer science. A specific research group in operations research and optimization is active on the Development of mathematical optimization methods to support the optimal management of smart transport services and advanced sustainable logistics. Current lines of research in this field yielded original results in complex Service Network Design modelling for advanced freight distribution service, such as dry port systems and two-tier city logistics. Also, optimization of location problems was successfully applied to support decisions in the field of transport network safety and security.

Participating Staff

Dr. Antonino Sgalambro, leading the CNR unit, is a Researcher and Lecturer in Operations Research and Decision Sciences. Antonino has published several papers in high quality journals and conferences, with world class expertise in optimization algorithms and mathematical programming applied to Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
Dr. Nicola Apollonio, Researcher and expert in the field of Discrete Mathematical Optimization Methodological Issues, author of several papers in high quality journals and conferences, with world class expertise in optimization algorithms and mathematical programming.
Dr. Pasquale Carotenuto is Prime Technologist at IAC- CNR, with expertise in Intelligent Transport Systems, Logistics, Discrete Simulation and Operational Research. Pasquale is author or co-author of several publications in high quality journals and conferences.
Dott. Anna Melchiori is a PhD student in Operations Research at Sapienza University of Rome and a Research Associate at the IAC-CNR; her research concerns mainly Exact and MathHeuristics Methods for Discrete Optimization problems with application to Logistics and Transportation.
Dott. Silvia Vermicelli is a Mathematician and a Research Fellow at the IAC-CNR, working as a Technology Transfer Officer at the Mathematical Desk project (IAC-CNR). Her scientific interests concern mainly sustainability, innovation and intellectual property.