In order to address the objectives, the project is articulated in the following Work Packages (WPs):

  • WP1Policy development approaches and best practices. This WP will be aimed at identifying local authority planning needs with regards to urban/city logistics activities and the necessary prerequisites for inclusion of stakeholders in the process. Thus, building and sharing knowledge concerned with participatory planning approaches.

  • WP2Decision Support Mechanisms. This WP will be aimed at identifying and reviewing decision support methodologies for local authority freight transport planning in the urban concept; these methodologies will be then adapted for solving real-world problems in the involved public authorities.

  • WP3Coordination and management. This WP will be mainly concerned with project management and coordination activities, including both economic and technical aspects.

  • WP4Dissemination – Coordination and management (led by UGOT). This WP will be aimed at maximising impact and outreach of the results of the project.

  • WP5Follow Up (led by USFD). This WP will be aimed at ensuring the long-term sustainability of the project, by exploring further funding opportunities and implementing permanent initiatives that could leverage on the body of knowledge and practice developed by the consortium.

Project objectives will be mainly achieved through existing research activities going on at the academic institutions (USFD, CNR, UGOT, UEX), whose full collaborative and real-world impact potential will be realised through the inter-institutional secondment of researchers.