SEERC@Sheffield City Council

Adrian Solomon, SEERC, on his first visit: “Our six months involvement with the PROSFET project & almost 3 months of secondments at the Sheffield City Council (SCC) in Sheffield, UK, have been focussed in exploring the concept of a  freight tram option for the city of Sheffield. Even from the early stages of discussing with SCC about the requirements and feasibility of such a concept, this project seemed indeed challenging and complex. Going through the contextual state of the art (globally), consulting with top-level stakeholders (i.e. infrastructure owners, operators, public authorities, associations, citizens, etc) and actually being “in the field” to observe what the entire operations of the freight tram would imply,  definitely helped us to achieve an overall picture. Therefore, we are entering now the specialisation phase where we will be looking into alternatives and cost-benefit analysis, such as: delivery car/truck replacement options and reduction of the overall CO2 emissions, exploring opportunities on improving the efficiency & integration of waste collections, introducing innovative “tram stop – to shop” delivery equipment and many other innovations. “

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