Survey: O2O Business Model Impact on Transport Emissions

The University of Sheffield ProSFeT Team has designed an online survey on business model impacts.

We are inviting you to take part in this questionnaire on transport to help evaluate the impact of online and offline models on local transport emissions.

Please access the survey using the link below:

This online questionnaire will take about fifteen (15) minutes to complete and you will be required to provide responses to questions that relate to your shopping practices and transport journeys to complete shopping transactions.

By providing the most accurate response, you will enable us to gain insight into transport factors that may be affecting the quality of life for yourself and other members of society. The findings from our study will be published in accessible reports, including policy recommendations that can help improve the quality of life in urban areas.

This survey is part of a wider EU project that has been ethically approved by the EU/H2020 and the University of Sheffield. This study is being executed by the University of Sheffield Management School in conjunction with academic and city council partners from the city of Stockholm as part of an EU/ H2020 project ProSFeT (

In line with the new GDPR regulation, The University of Sheffield will act as the Data Controller for this study. This means that the University is responsible for looking after your information and using it properly.

Additionally, in order to collect and use any of your personal information as part of this research project, we must have a basis in law to do so. The basis that we are using is that this research is ‘a task in the public interest’.

Further information, including details about how and why the University processes your personal information, how we keep your information secure, and your legal rights (including how to complain if you feel that your personal information has not been handled correctly), can be found in the University’s Privacy Notice:

Please direct queries and feedback to:

The Office of the Dean,
Prof. David Oglethorpe
Sheffield University Management School:

or contact the research team via email:

Dr. Tob-Ogu, (
James (
Dr. Genovese (

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