Universidad de Extremadura@Sheffield City Council

Sergio Rubio, from the Universidad de Extremadura (Spain), has completed a one- month secondment at the Sheffield City Council (SCC), during some weeks of June and July. The activities carried out during this secondment were aimed at analysing the possibilities of developing a cargo tram structure in the city of Sheffield. Based on similar projects developed across Europe, an analysis about the opportunities for implementing solutions for urban freight by using the tram network has been developed. These activities, as well as those to be developed during the next periods, will contribute to the objective O1.1 of the project: Delivery of a review of current freight policy initiatives in urban contexts (WP1). As a part of the final report, a review of the literature and best practices related to cargo tram in urban contexts has been carried out, and useful insights obtained from meetings with SCC and SYPTE will be utilised in order to achieve this goal.

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