ProSFeT@Sheffield City Council

Anna Melchiori on her second visit at SCC
“My Secondment period at the Sheffield City Council (SCC) has recently ended and I can tell it resulted in a very stimulating and fruitful collaboration! In the last months I’ve been supporting the Waste Management Team in exploring new configurations of the system of recycling facilities and in measuring the quantitative impact of such strategical decisions. Indeed, the planning and management of such​ system of​ facilities represents a crucial issue for the SCC​,​ as it directly impacts, among others, on the ​quality ​​level of the ​recycling service​ ​and on the volume of freight movement ​across the Sheffield district. My scientific contribution focused on the design of a tailored mathematical optimization models and resulted in the implementation of a user-friendly Decision Support System that allows the SCC Team to test and visualize different configuration scenario. Working on a real-world problem has been a great opportunity for me that has significantly increased my awareness of the potentiality of Operational Research theories and strategies to provide efficient support in many public and private sectors.”

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